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After having much success as an offline Salesman/Sales Leader with 3 fortune 500 companies, I decided to go into business for myself. I had always harbored the entrepreneurial spirit so I thought it would be a cake walk. 

I started looking into online business and decided how hard can this be. I heard about all the money that was being made and decided i was going to play in the online arena. I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first. After all, this was new territory for me. But with the skills I had I figured in a few months I would be rolling in the dough. In my mind, since I had so much success online, I figured it would translate online.

Man was I wrong. Dead wrong to be exact. Some skills I had worked great online, but others…not so much.

That’s when I really started to struggle. See, I had a family and the money began to dry up pretty quick, while other things began to pile up.( Bills, Bills, BILLS!)

I soon realized I made a terrible mistake. What the hell was I thinking. That was the thought I had most days. But pride would never let me show it.

I was just about to give up when I came across a Marketer who shook up the way I thought about things. I began to learn from him and applied the training’s I was taught. And low and behold, after  previous weeks of 11+ hour days, after studying and applying the methods I learned, I made my first sale.( And I cut my work hours in half)

You would never be able to imagine my excitement. That was the greatest thing I had ever done.( it seemed that way anyways)

 After months and months of failure I had finally broke through. All those 11+ hour days of getting my hopes up, just to be let down were over. I actually made a sale! I knew from that point on this online thing was real! And that by learning the right info from and applying that info, this will work!

Then I got another sale, and another sale and another. It thought, where was this all coming from. Just 7 months ago I couldn’t pay anyone to join my opportunity or buy my products. Now people where coming from everyone practically begging to join.

 So here I am today and haven’t looked back since. Trust me when I say that if I can make it online, so can you!

So be sure to check out the blogs, training’s and other products. Take action now and join our team. (#HIGH-CLASS AFFILIATES) That’s whats separates people who succeed and the ones that don’t. You cant make excuses or complain. I cant stand much of that myself. Either you will or wont but either way will produce a result. Why not make it one you want.


Much Love and Respect. 

God Bless You 





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